5/11 still after em...


Twelve Pointer
They gobbled good this morning but didn’t want to play. Maybe later in week


Old Mossy Horns
I got drawn for one of the “ essential worker “ hunts. Haven’t had a chance to pattern my shotgun, think a .22 mag would be ok to use ???

Sent from wherever I was at the time...


Old Mossy Horns
Didn’t run him off the limb this morn(but I did blow another B-52 out in the black dark), but not because I knew where he was. Flew down on his own about 4 steps before I’d have blown him out lol.

He was a willing participant, but I misjudged the roll...when he broke over it was to far and to thick. Then a hen got involved and I had to go to work 😕

Blown opportunities always suck. But they REALLY suck on public turkeys...

Hunting Nut

Ten Pointer
Sorry to hear that, buddy. Hope you get on 'em before the end of the season.

If ya don't.... I gotcha a slingshot !!!

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
I wish VA would stick to the 12 noon deadline.
6 hrs of silence is bad but 11 is worse.
But i am very glad they changed their opening time years ago. their season used to be two weeks later ending than ours.
I could not stand another week of VA silence.