3/4 horse electric motors 110/220v single phase


Eight Pointer
Baldor tefc enclosure motors (no frame) 19 each of 3/4 horsepower motors at $30.00 a piece
2 motors 1/2 horsepower each at $20.00 a piece.
These motors are brand new and list at over $300.00 a piece at Grainger.
Located in East Bend 27018



Four Pointer
I could use a 3/4. Bet shipping would be pretty high. Any way we could meet around Winston? I have to go by on 40 next week.

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
These are a super deal. I picked up a couple yesterday as spares for projects, too good a deal to pass up from a great guy.
If you're close, and have a idea that you may need a motor for just about any project, you will be doing yourself a favor to pick up a few.