223 or 556 ammo

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I have a AR and I need to stock up on ammo. What's the better ammo to get? 223 with the steel cases are $0.18 versus the 556 with brass at $.030

Any advantage to either?

I don't reload, but I do pick up the cases and will pass them along to some one who does.



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I prefer brass, but steel works. Even if you don't reload, brass cases can be passed along or sold. Not so much with steel.

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I'm not a fan of steel ammo so I only keep brass rounds. Typically 5.56 is loaded a little hotter than .223, I buy whichever one is on sale at the time.


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Personally, I don't shoot steel cased ammo in ANYTHING I own.

As for the .223 vs 5.56 thing, remember that .223 ammo can be safely shot in any 5.56 chambered gun, but not the other way around. The performance advantage of the 5.56 is minimal in the real-world in most real-world applications.


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I've been stacking up wolf gold the past year $.25 per round. Added some federal thanks to the rebate. That goes for $.27 per round shipped, with a $.05 per round rebate on top. If you sell the brass $.03 PR federal would bring you to $.19 PR out of pocket after rebate and brass sale.


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I’m sure you have already, but make sure your rifle will run the the steel case before stocking up on it.


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Agree with others on the brass ammo generally being better. Although, the price of 556 doesn’t really justify reloading to me anyways, so if your gun runs the steel cases fine, may as well go with those.