2023 Memorial weekend, F1, Indy 500, Coke 600


Frozen H20 Guy
Not attending. Even if I had a free ticket I'd rather watch on TV( though I've probably seen 10-12 in person either in the infield or in the stands). But given the recent weather forecasts I feel fairly safe in setting my DVR up for Monday. Does Indy look ok weatherwise?


Kinder, Gentler LTS
Indy looks good. 78* and a 2% chance of rain. If anyone remembers my friend Jessica from up there, she will be changing the left front tire on the #29 car of Defranchesco.

Monaco in the rain should be interesting. Things get real tight there sometimes.

And the ARCA race at Charlotte today at 6 on FS1.
Definitely my favorite Sunday in racing. Monaco should be a good race with how qualifying went today. Hopefully the 600 will go off as planned but if not Monday is fine too.

Hunting Nut

Old Mossy Horns
Rained out last night. Doubt they'll get anything at all done today.

I'd rather be camping in the rain in Mortimer than go near that racetrack today !

If ol' Verstappen would wreck out and red flag Monaco, we might have an interesting race.😔