2022 Lever Action Challenge

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Old Mossy Horns
It's almost Thanksgiving week, so bring those lever actions out and busy a deer or 4 with them.

For the new guys, yes we know people hunt with them all year. This started several years ago for folks to put down the bolt guns and get that old 30-30 back out and remember the good days.

Yall enjoy and post some pictures of deer and lever guns.


Old Mossy Horns
I'll probably wait until late December and break mine out and bust a doe....still haven't killed one with my 35rem
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Winchester 73'

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Used the 30/30 Marlin 336 this past Saturday. Some may say I cheated by putting a scope on it but until I get a peep sight it will have to do as iron sights wasn’t the best option.

After praying to the LeverGods for three weeks, sacrificing all bolt and semi auto 30-06 and 270's by removing the firing pins and throwing them in the volcano, I have been granted permission to scope all of my leveraction rifles for the next ten years!!

Only way I can see anything now days is with a scope or a red dot...or a peep sight.
First started using scopes in 2017 at 51 years old. Started using a red dot a few months ago while shooting beavers. My Marlin Model 1889 44-40 has a peep sight. Started hunting with it when I was 18 and still have it. Used my dad's 1951 94' 30-30 since I was 9...still have it and It remains with just open sights today. My Marlin 1894CB 44-40 now has the red dot, but had a scope when I shot my buck in 2017. The Winchester 73' 44-40 now has the Malcom scope, of which I will be using this year.

2017 South Carolina, last hunt till last years SMGL and RMGL 2021 hunt
Marlin 1894CB 44-40
240gr Hornady Lead SWC-HP #11118, 1,425fps
65 Yards, 0 Tracking (corn pile)
Side shot, Bullet entered high, turned 90degrees..traveled down the spinal cord and lodged in the right hind quarter...he never took a step.
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I’ve had my 30-30 in the woods more this year than the last 3 years combined, and all I saw were bears, before bear season of course. If I haven’t gotten to use it by then, it’ll make the trip to WV with me next month and maybe get some action during the late doe season.


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It even shoots good!

Well… it shot good for ME….. @YanceyGreenhorn couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn from the inside with it!!!

Wouldn’t surprise me if he was aiming at a TOTALLY different deer and somehow hit that one instead!!! 🤣🤣🤣
I went for a Texas heart shot on a doe at 300 yds. Whiffed it thru the tip of her tail and it ricocheted and hit that 3 pt feeding on someone’s porch. Fortunately I trashed his orange collar before the pic

ATTN game warden and game warden callers: this post is parody