2020 fun shoot


Six Pointer
More plinking. Winchester model 74 autoloader made in 1948. Again 25 yds, CCI sv ammo. This old rifle is my favorite squirrel gun ever. It's sighted in at 50 yds so i had to do a little Kentucky windage for a 25 yd target. Wish the trigger could be improved a bit but my understanding with this model is its almost impossible. Anyway a fun gun to shoot especially hunting



Old Mossy Horns
Ever since they shut down the Wake County range, I have not taken the time to go shooting. My only other place right now is an hour away in Harnett County. Probably head over there before hunting season.


Twelve Pointer
Awesome shooting!! How’s the sound with that long barrel??

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Pew pew. CCI semi auto quiet is so cool to shoot from that barrel. It’s sound is very suppressed. The bullet hitting the target is much louder.
It’s about .5-1” at 100’ but fun to shoot.
I’ve been breaking this barrel in for a month now and it’s really showing some killer groups. I can wait to get my target scope back from the manufacture.
Stretch the legs on this 10/22

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