2018-2019 NC Ruffed Grouse Season

Granted they aren’t in abundance lol ...... but there’s a few out there...
Flushed at least a dozen at Sandy Mush last year. They burned me every time and i only got off 2 shots in 4 trips lol. I did kill a nice woodcock though. Seen several of them too, most recently at dawn during turkey season . I don’t have a dog and it’s still a blast. Can’t imagine having that pooch be a part of all of it, sounds awesome
Watching a dog work is the best part of it. Even a bad dog will put a smile on your face.

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This is off topic, but does anyone have a local source for quail or pigeons in wnc? The guy I use to get some birds from no longer has any, and I’m needing so birds for yard work with the new pup.

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Four Pointer
pick any highway overpass with pigeons roosting on adjacent powerlines. Throw out some corn in the grass nearby with a pigeon trap.....wait a day then visit at night. Collect your training birds. Easy.
Had to check on my parents, so I hunted the private land that buts up to them. This is my honey hole for as long as I can remember and today was no different. Walking the road bed for 30 min. We found three birds, had possible shots on two but didn’t pull it together, need to change chokes for some longer range shooting.

14” of snow was tuff for a 12 week old pup I ended up carrying back out to the house. Also the girlfriend wasn’t having the hard walking in the snow.

Will definitely be back to hunt this again this year... at least once.

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