2018-2019 NC Ruffed Grouse Season


Old Mossy Horns
Where the grouse live will be fairly comfortable now low elevation squirrel hunters may get to warm especially after 0900

Bailey Boat

Twelve Pointer
This is the first year in almost 25 that I'm not going north (WI/MI) for Grouse. Last year was pathetic and this year won't be any better. I have spoken with local hunters that I have befriended as well as wardens in both states that I have gotten to know.
Very few birds were heard drumming in the spring and when a warden rides the gravel roads 8 to 10 hours a day and only sees 2 to 3 per week you know the numbers are way down.
I spoke with the MI warden just this past Tuesday and he says he has checked numerous Grouse hunters and only a few even had a bird, and said there weren't even many flushes. Most all of them had dogs but the few that had birds were hunters without dogs, go figure that...
They are saying this is the low year in the 7 year cycle and that it will only get better. So this year I'm heading to GA/SC/AL and do a few quail hunts and pretend their Grouse..... It's the best I can do under the circumstances. I have a vivid imagination......


Ten Pointer
Yeah, it's been slow so far. I've only jumped one this year deer hunting.

But, now that bear season is in, I should hopefully be getting some good reports from the guys since I'm the only one in the group with a dog


Twelve Pointer
Saw a grouse yesterday at 1730, came hopping down a log, got within 50 yds of me. Elevation 3060'. Was going to try to take it with the bow but no dice.


Twelve Pointer
Hoping to give it a go up in PA this year. I head out a week from Sunday for a week long archery hunt (deer and bear) but I usually try and take an afternoon to hunt grouse with the old 20.

Ruff Hunter

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Got out today for the first time......still very green. Moved a few, only saw one , and all birds were safe when I left their house.......

Ruff Hunter

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Well I’m starting to get into the ebb and flow of the season.... it takes me a while lol........ I saw some bear hunters yesterday and some grouse ?..... anyway leaves ? are still behind but changing and I even ran into someone on this forum last week...... really nice dude !


Old Mossy Horns
Made it out for the first time today - very high elevations in Haywood County. We covered just under 4 miles with one flush, one point with nothing, and two shots fired with no bird to show for it. Did see a bald eagle sitting on a log protruding from the lake though. Great morning out in the woods.


Ruff Hunter

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Hey dude , awesome picture!..... I think I’ve been there ....... just kidding ?..... all forestry roads look alike !


Six Pointer
Looks like there are a few hunting haywood. the grouse management area is still two young to hold any birds yet, possibly next year.

That said in a previous life i worked in forestry and still have some good friends in it. My friends are the county rangers for haywood, madison and buncome. they are currently trying to pull together some properties that have been clear cut in the last 4-10 years. for finding some grouse.

They have also been crusing the federal timber thats near lake logan. they have been systematically griding the whole mountain, sadly they havent bumped any birds up yet.