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Removed from 1937 Dodge and Plymouth 4 Door sedans. Can take photos and text/email. Prices are OBO. Cash, Face to Face preferred. Please just give me a call, easier to answer your questions this way, texts and emails are subject to so much scam its hard to vet out who is a seriously interested party. PM for phone number.

Parts are 82 years old, ranging from good to darn good and most with no cancer beyond surface rust.

1937 Dodge D5 4 Door Sedan Drive shaft with cup and trunion u-joints - $60
1937 Dodge Stainless Windshield Trim, upper and lower- $30
1937 Dodge Rear Door stainless trim molding - $15
1937 Dodge/Plymouth Hood (no trim) - $300
1937 Dodge Radiator Grill Shroud/Nose - $250
1937 Plymouth Radiator Grill Shroud/Nose - $200
Pair of DS and PS Front Fenders - $350
Pair of DS and PS Rear Fenders - $250
Pair of DS and PS Front Doors - $350
Pair of DA and PS Rear Doors - $250
Driver side front (4 door sedan) vent window frame $5
1937 DODGE (Plymouth are different shape but still bolt up) headlight stands, Pair, $40
1937 Dodge headlight buckets, one with stainless retainer strip, no hardware, pair, $75
1937 Dodge horn button spring and retainer, $5
1937 Dodge rear license bracket, trunk mounted. $5
1937 Dodge spare tire clamp, trunk floor mounted. $10
1937 Dodge/Plymouth flat top U-Bolts for the rear axle to spring. Used, very nice condition with great threads and nuts. $20
1937 Dodge Plymouth Radiator. Original, not sure if its usable and will be expensive to ship, but bracket is good, lower tank looks good and upper tank, though repaired, seems good. $30

1937 Dodge D5 4 door sedan front door latch mechanisms. L and R side. $20 each, $30 the pair
1937 Dodge Trunk Lid Hold Open rod/mechanism, functional, nice. $50
1937 Dodge D5 4 Door sedan front door window crank mechanisms, L and R Side, $20 each, $30 the pair.
1937 Dodge Exterior Door handles, one has cracked trim plate, $20 the set of 4

1937 Dodge/Plymouth Passenger side front fender bracket, $25
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Pretty close. Still have to go back and get the roof, L and R rear quarters, cowl/firewall with partial a pillar, both B pillar, front axle hub to hub, front springs, front steering bars/drag link, steering box/column, rear axle hub to hub, much of the original 217.8 flathead motor, etc, etc.......I'm gettin to be a part time Sanford and Son on hemmings and craigslist! I think i have 3 cars worth of garnish moldings up at the shop......its a real pile.