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You are correct Sir,,,I served from 1979 to 2006 and most of that was spent fighting terrorists,,,,mostly islamic terrorists,,,,you left out the Iranian hostage taking,,,,and many others,,,

what folks who fixate on Iraq and Afghanistan forget is that we have been fighting for a long, long time
My wife and I both served in the Navy from 1975 - 1995. We didn't have much direct involvement in fighting terrorists, but we trained a lot who did.

I also forgot the Pan Am 103 flight that was downed over Lockerbie, Scotland (that was Qaddaffi's doing).

There still are people in the world who wish us harm and will act to do so, given the chance. A lot of citizens recently have been questioning why we're still in Afghanistan / Iraq / Syria. The simple answer is; we need to be forward-leaning and proactive, striking our foes and keeping them off balance so they can't rest, regroup and strike at us. Its expensive in both blood & treasure, but the alternative of another 9/11 (or worse) is unacceptable.


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why we're still in Afghanistan / Iraq / Syria

concept is real,,,but there are better ways of fighting terrorism than what we are doing now in those three countries,,,,

but then that's why I don't get the big bucks I guess,,,silly ideas of a former knuckledragger,,,


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I was at work when we got the news. I thank all who have and do serve our country. It really pisses me off that there are way too many who have forgotten that day!


Old Mossy Horns
Most of us on here at least have an inkling of the sacrifice that many brave Americans gave for freedom's ring, and we hold those folks with great honor and appreciation. What is sad is that even after witnessing what happened on 9/11, many so called "Americans" would willingly give away EVERYTHING these folks fought and died for. They may as well be spitting on the graves of our Patriots, as far as I'm concerned. Thank God, I'll never understand them. Thanks to all who served and sacrificed!


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Did anybody watch the specials on History Channel yesterday? I was not a huge Bush fan but through that whole month or so that man was a rock and for that time period one of the beat leaders the world could ever have. The speech that night and the bullhorn speech still make me tear up. Now knowing that he went against all advice flying back to DC makes me appreciate him even more.

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