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Eight Pointer
As soon as I got back to the house, 5 minutes ago saw a brute walking quickly through the woods, either an 8 or 10 pointer, tall and wide. Ran to get my grunt and rattle and tried my best to get him back but he was gone.
Beautiful cold morning. ran 5 off on the way in. 2 does @ 740, 2 more does 820 with an 8pt pushing. 2 does @ 9, 3 does came busting up near me acting funny at 10. I'd bet there's a buck that's spooked them. No chasing otherwise.

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Button Buck
Dang. Some good looking deer today. Congrats to you successful hunters.

I have 0 free space in my freezers after picking up my pigs' meat and yesterday's buck. I raised too much meat on my farm this year. Such a first world probem. I'm enjoying the pics and updates from you guys that are out in the field!

Although... I could buy a third freezer. I'm not sure where it'd go. Hmm...

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Back at it for the evening. There were some good looking deer killed this morning, nice work. Good luck to the rest of you.

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Old Mossy Horns
Some pretty bucks taken today, congrats to all who were successful.
Zero so far for me today, not even a deer sighting.

But I've got two hours left........

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Six Pointer
No deer this morning, hunted til 10 then went and scouted the property a little better. Not many rubs, found several active scrapes.

Back out in a tree since 3 in a field corner, fence line straight across, lets see what happens


Ten Pointer
Back in for the evening. Missed a doe this afternoon. Went back to shoot the ML and I was several inches off. Not sure what happened but made some adjustments and hopefully good now.

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Eight Pointer
Kinda crazy evening. Didn’t see any deer, but ran into a coworker that I’m friends with. Neither of us knew that the other person hunted that area of the Croatan. I was already in my stand, and by pure coincidence he was coming to setup his climber in the exact same spot.