11/24 - Anyone still bowhunting?


Twelve Pointer
I had 2 does making their way in. Likely the 2 I stalked up on getting in so they were taking their time. Debating on taking one until some youngin’ looking for love ran them off.


Twelve Pointer
Yes. I bow hunt season round. Even though I am not always successful, I love the challenge of trying to "outwit" a deer and get close enough for a shot. I have not had much of an opportunity since the time has changed but I hope to over Thanksgiving break.


Ten Pointer
yep, put the bow down to take the boy out with a rifle and gonna get back at it here over the thanksgiving break. Great season so far, even though I havent killed anything with the bow yet.....odd but feels that way.


Button Buck
I nearly exclusively bow hunt. Haven't killed a deer with a rifle in 7 years. Haven't even brought the rifle out in 3 years


Twelve Pointer
Saw a few today just not the right one. My nephew did shoot this blond coyote. And called this small buck in to the stand. Amazing how they can hone in on the grunts.


Button Buck
Missed a doe yesterday afternoon, those pesky little twigs you don’t see will get you every time. Found the arrow about 10 ft from where she was standing. It wasn’t even close enough to scare her good :ROFLMAO: