10-18 live


Button Buck
Headed out to some acorns on hoke Moore line. Hoping for horns, but doe tags need filled too. Stick and string is the only way for me these days.
Need some more meat. Friends and family keep asking for sausage and jerky.


Ten Pointer
Well this stand location sucks. Had a doe blow at me after give the head bob forever. Just had a 6 point figure out some thing wasn't right. If he would have taken a couple more steps I would have probably shot him. At least I'm seeing deer I guess. 7 so far

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
saw 6 on purpose including the magnificent 1x5 that loves this stand area, :)
Four more seen coming out at 10:30.
Plenty of feed for them everywhere. Acorns galore.

as everyone has said it was a fine morning to hunt.