Ten Pointer
Out in public land again, been sitting here for almost an hour, we’re just past shooting light now. I can hear some bobwhites nearby. Feel good about this spot, haven’t hunted here yet this year. Hoping to get one down today or tomorrow before the pressure really picks up!


Old Mossy Horns
I really just need to know what I’m getting myself into since I wanna reschedule for rifle. Shouldn’t be any worse than crossing Wilson in the dark....
Just freeball it.

No need to know ahead of time.

Some of my best memories were my great Uncle dropping me off somewhere in the midst of central Michigan at "O" dark, and saying, "Head up yonder till you get in some trees. Then wait for the deer."


Twelve Pointer
Omg...deer are driving me crazy. Six so far. If I had sit in my other stand I would have a doe down