1/1/2019 Happy New Year

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
Had a small doe come out at last light, that's the only deer I saw toda1y...until I had to stop and let 6 cross the road 1/4 mile from where I parked.
I swear they were all sticking their tongues out at me.


Old Mossy Horns
I know what you mean Eric. Had to go down to Oxford at 6. Had to stop twice to get deer cross the road. Had seen hardly any deer in the fields here at the house all season. Driving back in there was one in the first field, two in the second and 9 in the field in front of the house.


Ten Pointer
couldn't pass that deer up last minutes or not, guess he thought he had it in the bag for the season wrong,congrats great deer.
Thank you. The plan was to kill him in September lol. But the final minutes worked out fine too lol

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Button Buck
The kids have been begging to go with me all season, but with so little places to hunt I wait until the end of the season as to not ruin one of our few spots. I will say, in all of my sits this year, taking them was the most rewarding. Trying to keep them still and quiet amidst the farting, giggling, and shuffling was a sight to behold. But when it was the moment of truth and the deer were around they froze like statues and didn't utter a word. Their excitement after I shot and following the 20yd blood trail was almost too much fun :) You'dve thought we shot a 200" deer judging from their reactions. So proud of them and can't wait for next year already. It still amazes me that my tender, sweet little girl is fascinated with cleaning a deer, lol.