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Grunt Call?


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How do y'all feel about using a grunt call or rattling antlers to try and bring in a big buck? Has it worked for y'all in the past or been more hurtful?


I use a grunt call during the rut. I had a buck standing directly under my tree stand not two minutes after I used it last year. I did a long grunt and bleat combo to simulate a doe about to be bred. I also use the fawn bleat on the way to my tree stand if I ever accidentally make too much noise.


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I never go in the woods without a grunt, but to be honest, here in NC, less is more with calling..and by less I mean A Lot less. I quit rattling in NC about 3 yrs ago. When I do use my grunt here I never blind call. I use it call to a specific deer I've already seen and what to get his attention.


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I never go in the woods without a grunt, but to be honest, here in NC, less is more with calling..and by less I mean A Lot less. I quit rattling in NC about 3 yrs ago. When I do use my grunt here I never blind call. I use it call to a specific deer I've already seen and what to get his attention.
Same..... I will blind call with an esterus bleat in the rut but thats about it. Gonna try rattling this year just to see


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Lot of folks will tell you that stuff won't work in NC.

I promise you it does;) I can't get into specifics, because there really aren't any. The basic jist..it all depends. The when, where, why...it's a 'feel' kinda thing, and that comes with experience.

I've killed or passed deer that came in to cans, mouth bleats, grunts, rattling, and snort wheezes, all in NC.


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I carry a grunt with me all the time. I just learned to grunt by mouth, no commercial call. Back years ago I decided to use a commercial call. Saw a young buck skirting me out about 80 yards, I called him right to me. That same afternoon I did a doe in heat bleat and a young buck grunt, a mature buck came in with the hair on his back bristled up, called him in blind. I would mess with young bucks when I had the chance, it worked like a charm most of the time. I tried grunting by mouth one day when I had forgot my grunt call. It worked just as well, been doing that ever since. I is one less thing to fumble with, hands free if you would want to say. I don't particularly like to call blind, but if I think a buck just skirted me with maybe just a glimpse or heard something I might. Don't use a buck (mating grunt) to early in the season I had the largest mature buck(rack wise) I have every seen bolt at the grunt in early Oct., but they were still in the bachelor group and he was just 30 second ahead of the rest of the group. I thought the group had busted and he was alone. I have also had mature deer take 30 minute or so to circle/swing around. Like I say, I use the grunt call to call a buck in that I have seen. If you know the buck heard you and turns your direction don't call, I only grunt again, if he turns as he lost interest. Don't grunt if the buck is close enough to likely pick you off. I have probably turned 75% of the bucks I have grunted at back to me. The others, minus that on mature buck that bolted, either did not hear me or was preoccupied with something else or on a mission to get some where.

Oh ya, does will turn to a buck grunt to when they are in heat.
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I grunted a buck in last year (and other years). It came running into the field then down to the bottom until he stopped and dropped. I know another person that grunted some in last year as well. Just has to be the right time of the year. Never tried rattling.


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In 30 years of deer hunting I would have to say I have had 50/50 success with a grunt call on seen deer. With those encounters I would say that most of the bad experiences have been with older bucks who could have cared less. Also, if you are hunting open woods and the buck can see there isn't another deer there your wasting your breath. If there is a drop in terrain or brush blocking immediate view you have a better chance. Because of some of the reactions I have witnessed I no longer blind call with a grunt call. If I am going to blind call it will be with a doe bleat.
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Some of my biggest deer have come to a grunt sequence. Both blind and when I could see them. The blind called deer came on on a string with their hair bristled up.

I got into a grunt "battle" with a big 8 one time that had 3 does with him.

They popped over the ridge about 100 yards away and I never could get a shot through the laurels. Started grunting softly and he started stomping around horning trees and grunting back. LOUD.

This went on for about 10 minutes till I finally had a hole to shoot through at 80 yards.

One of my coolest deer experiences so far.
Still hunting on the ground in the mountains


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I have had deer coming running to a grunt tube and I have had them pay no attention at all to it. I guess it depends on the deer, the situation and time of year.
I wouldn't call if they are looking at you, or to loud or to often either.
Never had any luck with can call or rattling but I know others that have.


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Personally, I think they should outlaw grunt calls and produce more gender neutral calls that won't be offensive to the leftist community.


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or better yet,,,,,,,,,

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Aaron H

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I use a grunt call and I call with my mouth- not hard at all to make a "grunt". Actually have had more positive results w/mouth calling. It's often said you can't pull a buck away from a doe but I've done it and it has worked several times to stop a buck (or doe) for the shot. I also have rattled bucks to me several times. Had best luck early in the mornings but it can work anytime that the bucks are susceptible to it. I have not witnessed any negative response from bucks when rattling. Once years ago I rattled my antlers just after hanging my tree stand near the edge of a beaver pond. I hung up the antlers and a mature buck came and walked through the pond to stand right under my feet. I shot him w/my muzzleloader... a 15 minute hunt.


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Real time experience is the only way to know what the deer will do! I am a firm believer in using calls, rattling, praying......whatever it takes! You will get more confident as you mess with a deer or two and see the reactions.


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I think with using a grunt call, a lot of the results depend on the buck's "state of mind." If that buck just avoided another hunter 15 minutes ago and is in a high state of alert, your grunt may very well spook him. Conversely, if 15 minutes ago he just drove off a rival buck and his blood is up, he may come running right at you.

I always carry a call, but almost never use it unless I can see the deer, and I know that I need to try it to get him to stop or turn.


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Only luck I've had is last year with a grunt call. Used it sparingly in late October but had a decent buck respond in less than 5 minutes and worked a scrape near the base of the tree I had setup in.


Been hit or miss for me, really depends on who intense the rut is at the time. On slow days I have successfully called in some shooters. I have tried it on a few that were out of range only to have them scamper off. I would say I am about 50/50 on working them into range but I am no expert on grunt calls.