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Thread: 12/30 Hatteras

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    Slow morning, 25 mph with 40 gusts made tough fishing. Fished south of Lighthouse, skate, blue and sharks. Fished at sunset soundside, 2 for 4 on reds. 14" and 17". Beats being at work!!!

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    sounds like fun. good luck and keep us posted.

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    Glad to know I can get the scoop on here since you can't let a man know by phone how your doing!
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    An OBX resident who is a fishing legend down there tells me that this time of year he puts away natural bait and goes to artificials in the surf for puppy drum, etc., to avoid the sharks and skates.

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    I can see his point, spending 30 minutes wrangling a 4+ foot skate to the beach then have to unhook and get it back out without getting hit gets old. We did manage to catch 3 flounder Saturday morning but only one was a keeper. Got enough whiting for a good meal. Caught a few small reds soundside that were fun, no blackened redfish in my future though. Did some low tide scouting and found a few hood spots.

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